French Pvc Plastic Boat Oar Only Air Boat Paddle Inflatable Rowing Boat Oars Without Air ..#8293-Rapfen

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Inflatable boats Rubber boat Fishing Boats Rowing Rowing boats for fishing Inflatable rowing boat Rowing boats pvc Plastic rowing boats Inflatable rowing boat with NTEX68351 Seahawks four boat inflatable boat kayak No. 4 assault …

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french pvc plastic boat oar only air boat paddle inflatable rowing boat oars without air boat


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NTEX68351 Seahawks four boat inflatable boat kayak No. 4 assault ship inflatables

Product Name: an inflatable boat Kawano 68351 #
Brand: a Kawano
Item: 68351
Place of Origin: China
Sports & Outdoors items: beach water skiing
Time to market: 2014 Spring
Specifications: 351 * 145 * 48CM
Weight (kg): 19
Load: 400KG
Material: SUPER TOUCH PVC plastic, sun exposure and erosion resistant chlorine and seawater.
Content: an inflatable boat, repair tools, grab the rope, storage bag, super aluminum oars pair a manually inflatable tube
Seahawks inflatable boat features:
(1) There are three separate chambers (outside the gas chamber, inside the chamber, emboldened room), if one chamber is damaged, the other two are not affected greatly enhance the safety factor
(2) ultra-tough SUPER-TOUGH polymer material resistant to gasoline, oil and salt erosion, and resistant to wear, impact and sun characteristics, excellent melt with intensity and improve air chamber pressure capability
(3) There may mention the bow handle, Hull has rods and umbrellas outlet side of the boat has caught the rope, bilge "I" shaped support structure, make it more comfortable and sturdy inflated
(4) onboard with a repair material, such as accidentally punctured inflatable boats can repair itself. Storage bags can be placed belongings. Boats can be equipped with outboard, so that leisure, fishing easier and convenient.
Features: easy, smooth, comfortable and ease the impact of strong, strict pressure experiments;
Standard: GB GB-6675; American ASTM F-963; European EN-71

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