Fast Action Carbon Fiber Fly Rod 9Ft 5Wt 7Pc Alc5/6Wt Reel Wf 5F Fly Line Fly Fishing Accessory Fly Fishing ..#2611-Karpfen

$ 99.90

Travel 5 # Fly fishing combo

1.Fly rod:9ft- 5wt – 7pcs
(only 48cm. fit into any of your bag for travelling)

2.Fly reel : 5/6wt Aluminum (black orsilver colors on random)
3.Fly line :100ft – #5 Weight forward …

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free shipping fast action carbon fiber fly rod 9ft 5wt 7pc alc5/6wt reel wf 5f fly line fly fishing accessory fly fishing combo





Travel 5 #  Fly fishing  combo


1. Fly rod : traveller 9057  9ft – 5wt – 7pcs 

(only 48cm. fit into any of your bag for travelling)


2. Fly reel : ALC black ALC GS  5/6wt Aluminum (black or silver colors on random)

3. Fly line :  WF moss WF teal WF yellow  100ft – #5 Weight forward Floating

4. Backing line : Backing yellow Backing white  100 yards ( 20 lb ) (white or yellow on random)

5. Tapered Leader ( 2 pcs ) : Leader 9FT ( 3X , 4X on random )

6. Loop connector ( 2 pcs ) : Loop connector  30LB  

7. Flies : Flies  12 pieces in one pack for Fly fishing

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Free shipping Full-well FAST ACTION Carbon fiber Fly rod 9ft 7wt 7pcs with Cordura tube TRAVELLER Fly fishing rod

US$ 75.00/piece


Free shipping !!! New 9FT – 5# Fast action Fly fishing rod , AAAA cork with Aluminium tube Fly rod

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Free shipping!!! NANO A-Helix core Carbon Fly rod 9ft 5wt 4pcs with A SPARE TIP Cordura tube FAST ACTION Fly fishing rod

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Free shipping !!! New , Best Quality Fly fishing rod 9FT – 5# Half-well Fast action with Aluminium Tube Fly rod

US$ 188.00/piece



Lowest price! Free shipping! 85mm Fly reel Chinese Aluminum Die-casting Fly fishing reel

US$ 19.50/piece


Free shipping, CNC machine cut Fly reel 06N 7/8 weight Aluminum Large arbor Fly fishing reel

US$ 61.00/piece


Free shipping! Chinese Fly fishing reel DM 3/4 weight best Die-casting Aluminum Large arbor Fly reel

US$ 40.00/piece


Top quality! DHL free shipping! MC 9/11 weight Large arbour Fly reel Aluminum CNC Fly fishing reel

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Free shipping!! WF8F High Quality Weight Forward FLOATING Fish Line with WELDED LOOPS 100FT 8WT Fly Fishing Line

US$ 19.99/piece


Free shipping!! WF5F High Quality FLOATING Fishing line Weight Forward WITH WELDED LOOP 90FT 5WT Fly Fish Line

US$ 18.88/piece


Free shipping!! WF5F/S Weight Forward Floating Fishing line WITH SINKING TIP 100ft 5wt Fly Fish Line

US$ 13.00/piece


Free shipping!! WF5F WITH WELDED LOOP Fish Line Weight Forward FLOATING 100FT 5WT Fly Fishing Line

US$ 9.99/piece






Free shipping!! WF5F 100ft Fly fishing line Moss Green Weight Forward FLOATING 100FT 5WT Fly line Fish Line

US$ 8.80/piece


Free shipping!! 2 sools High Quality Fly Fishing BACKING LINE 100Yards 30LB Braided Backing Line

US$ 12.00/lot
pieces / lot


Free shipping!! 6 pieces Leader Line Top quality Fly fishing line 9ft(0X,1X,2X,3X,4X,5X,6X) Tapered Leader

US$ 5.50/lot
pieces / lot


Free shipping!! 2 spools Fishing line 50M (0X , 1X , 2X , 3X , 4X , 5X , 6X , 7X) Clear Fly Fishing Tippet Material

US$ 7.50/lot
pieces / lot



Free shipping!!! 105*75*33mm Plastic Waterproof Double Side Clear Slit Foam Fishing Box FLY BOX

US$ 15.50/lot
pieces / lot


Free shipping!! 2 pieces 136 x 86 x 36mm FLY BOX small waterproof Easy-grip Foam Plastic Fly Fishing Box

US$ 10.99/lot
pieces / lot


Lot of 3 pieces, High quality small white color with swingleaf plastic fly fishing box

US$ 15.50/lot
pieces / lot


Free shipping!!! 185*103*13mm Easy-grip foam Fly fishing box Clear Slim Hook box Fly box

US$ 11.00/lot
pieces / lot



Lot of 2 pieces, High quality HH01 fishing accessory hook hone sharpener

US$ 8.90/lot
pieces / lot


6 pieces per lot, Best price plastic fishing rod easy hook keeper

US$ 11.90/lot
pieces / lot


Free shipping!! Lot of 2 pieces, Tie Fast Knot Tying Tool Fly Fishing Tying Nail Knot Tying Tool

US$ 7.50/lot
pieces / lot


Free shipping!! Deluxe Aluminum Bent Nose Plier Stainless Steel Jaws Diagonal Plier Hook Remover Line Cutter FISHING PLIER

US$ 22.90/piece






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Fly Fishing Rod

Brand Name




Length (cm)


Model Number

traveller9057 combo

Fly rod

9FT / #5 / 7pcs

Fly reel

ALC 85mm

Fly line ( 1 piece )

# 5

Tapered leader

9ft 2pc

Loop connector

2 pc

Backing line

100 yards


12 pc