1-3# Barguzinsky Fir Float Set Nieshou Fishing Floats Free ..#3974-Anjumara

$ 16.99

9g 6.8cm Popper Topwater Fishing Lures Fishing Tackle 5 Colors Free ShippingUS$ 5.99/piece Wholesale 10pcs 70mm Hard Plastic Popper Swimming Baits 7cm 10g Fishing Tackle Laser Fishing Lure 5 Color Free ShippingUS$ 19.99/lot 10 pieces / …

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1-3# barguzinsky fir float set nieshou fishing floats free shipping

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9g 6.8cm Popper Topwater Fishing Lures Fishing Tackle 5 Colors Free Shipping

US$ 5.99/piece


Wholesale 10pcs 70mm Hard Plastic Popper Swimming Baits 7cm 10g Fishing Tackle Laser Fishing Lure 5 Color Free Shipping

US$ 19.99/lot
10 pieces / lot


Wholesale 30pcs 10g 5.5cm Fishing Spoon Fishing Lure Silver Golden Free Shipping

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20pcs Soft Fishing Lures Sweet Corn Artificial Fishing Bait for Freshwater Fishing 15mm Free shipping

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Red Round Fishing Circle Block Fishing Beads Fishing Floats 100pcs Lot Free Shipping

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10pcs Fishing Hook Sharpener Stone Knife Sharpening Fishing tackle Free Shipping

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30pcs Fishing Rod DIY Tackle Hook Device Free Shipping

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Free Shipping 2013 New Wind Tour Fishing Gloves Outdoor Slip-resistant Thermal Windproof Fleece Sport Gloves Red Black

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Float NO. Float Body Material Max. Dia(mm) Total Length(cm) Float Body Length(cm) Float Tail Length (cm) Float Legs Legth (cm) Float End Dia (mm) Float Leg Dia (mm)
 1#  Barguzinsky Fir  7.08 32.3  6.3 18   0.8
 2#  Barguzinsky Fir  7.8  33  7.0  18  8  0.8  1
 3#  Barguzinsky Fir  8.5  33.4  7.4  18  8  0.8  1



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About use


LURE FISHING is one of the most exciting ways of catching predatory fish. Pike, perch, bass, trout. . . there is an endless list of fish that will gobble these plastic, metal, or wood creations, mistaking them for real fish. 

There are three types of lures. Spinners and spoons are usually made of metal and either wobble or spin through the water in the same way as real fish. Plugs are made of wood or plastic and work in a number of ways: along the surface of the water, in mid-water, or deep along the bottom. 

When you are lure fishing, it pays to search the water and not stay too long in any one position.

 Big predators like slack water just off the main current, and some often lie right by the bank. 

Working a lure 

Never work your spoon, spinner, or plug in a mechanical, unthinking sort of way. Instead, try to make a big predator think that this strange wood, metal, or plastic creation is in fact a living, breathing, swimming prey fish!
Look out for all possible hiding places under fallen trees, among weeds, or along the bank.
Cast carefully and accurately, and constantly move the rod tip around to create a change of direction.

 The best lures. 

Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and plastic worms work best for bass.  Trout, pike and saltwater fish will hit shiny metal lures.

Use a tackle box or a utility box to hold your lures.
Remember the hooks are sharp


Fishing heavy cover, where the bigger fish normally live, use a plastic worm or a "jig and pig" (leadhead jig with a pork frog trailer).

Cast into the thickest area of the cover, let the lure drop, then shake the rod tip gently to coax a bite.

Topwater lures are the most exciting to fish.

These lures float on the surface.  When fishing with a topwater, cast near the cover, let it set for several seconds, then twitch the rod tip so the lure works on the surface.

When fishing is tough or slow, try using a smaller lure.  A 4-inch worm is a good choice.  Rig the worm on a 1/0 hook with a BB-size split-shot weight attached to the line about 18 inches above the hook.  Cast the lure out and wait for it to settle on the bottom.  Work or reel it very slow.  The weight will bounce on the bottom, causing the worm to dart in different directions.


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